On Top of the World unveils plans for new Veterans Park

On Top of the World’s Veterans Park to break ground in early 2019


Ocala, Fla. – On Top of the World is set to break ground on the newest addition to the amenity-rich community in early 2019. The Veterans Park, which will pay tribute to the all who have served and are currently serving our nation through military service will be located in the Crescent Ridge community.

A monument will be located in front of the park and will include the US flag and the flag representing each military branch of our nation’s armed forces.

Memorial brick pavers will surround the veterans’ monument. Visitors will be able to purchase a memorial brick to honor and remember their loved ones. There will be benches where visitors have the opportunity to sit and reflect on the sacrifices all veterans have made in order to ensure the freedoms we all enjoy. The entire park will be golf cart accessible and have multimodal paths. Adjacent to the Veterans Memorial, residents will be able to enjoy additional new amenities, consisting of a new dog park, community garden, basketball courts, the veterans’ monument and pavilion, archery range, restroom facility, and ample parking for both vehicles and golf carts. There will also be free wireless Internet throughout the park.

At On Top of the World, many of our residents are veterans. Creating this park is On Top of the World’s way to honor those who have given so much and asked for so little. This will be a permanent way to honor all veterans. In 2001, On Top of the World published, Served with Honor, a book of compiled stories from World War II as told by our residents who experienced it first hand. It brought to life the stories of a generation that gave new meaning to courage, sacrifice and honor. The Veterans Park is a gift, a permanent landmark to never forget their sacrifices that were made.