June 5,2017

On Top of the World receives Florida Water Star SM award


Ocala, Fla. – On Top of the World Communities LLC understands the importance of preservation and strives to maintain an environmentally friendly development. This includes participating in the Florida Water Star SM certification program, which addresses water conservation needs specific to Florida.

Florida Water Star SM is a water conservation certification program for homes and commercial developments. Standards and guidelines for water efficiency are included for indoor fixtures and appliances, landscape design and irrigation system. On May 23, 2017 On Top of the World received the Private Builder Award from Florida Water Star SM. This was one of six awards presented to local organizations and individuals for their work to further water conservation. Other awards that were presented were Nonprofit Builder award, Program Partner award, Training Partner award, Certification Program Partner award and Program Certifier award.

On Top of the World isn’t required to be certified by Florida Water Star SM, but management proactively believes that taking part in environmentally-conscious programs that directly benefit the community’s residents when making construction and development decisions are of upmost importance.