July 1, 2021 On Top of the World is coming in HOT this July rolling out a new OTOW Activity Calendar for the month and releasing the July-December Recreation and Wellness Guide for all your fitness needs. These two resident resources have been on halt since March 2020, and we are excited for residents to have these collateral pieces once again!

The OTOW Activity Calendar is your route to fun at On Top of the World! Conveniently inserted in the World News, you will see weekly event listings on the front with details, including if you need to reserve your spot to participate, a cost if applicable, and meeting place and time. Flip over the calendar, and you will see an updated club schedule with meeting times, days, and locations of where the various clubs meet.

Candler and Indigo residents will also receive a home delivery calendar starting in August. This calendar is catered explicitly toward the individualized neighborhood events and socials.

Residents can also find the OTOW Activity Calendar at Resident Services, Resales, the Recreation Center, and New Home Sales.

The Recreation Department has been working together with Fitness on the new July-December Recreation and Wellness Guide for the past few months. This guide lists events, excursions, fitness classes, and much more. Find updated tennis and pickleball clinic schedules and see events and outings not yet advertised exclusively revealed in the guide. The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa also has classes and programs listed in the guide.

Residents will find The Recreation and Wellness guide delivered with their July World News. If you need an extra copy, you will find the guide for grabs at the Recreation Center, The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa, New Home Sales, Arbor Fitness Center, Resales, and The Lodge at Candler Hills.

To all our residents, whether you’ve been here a couple months or several years – get ready! On Top of the World is an industry leader in recreational activities and amenities, so the action never stops!

For more information on community happenings and alerts, visit OnTopoftheWorldInfo.com.