Phillip Hisey, Director of Landscape Operations at On Top of the World, recently appeared on a “Better Lawns and Gardens” podcast with host and gardening expert Tom MacCubin! During the podcast, Hisey spoke about what has led On Top of the World to be an award-winning community in the sustainability arena through its participation in the Florida Water Star ProgramSM  and  how it will save Florida residents money AND water, and also provided listeners with irrigation tips.

Hisey told listeners, “sustainability is one of OTOW’s founding principles.  We want to ensure our residential and  commercial landscapes utilize water efficiently by not overwatering, using only Florida native plants appropriate for our area, and making sure everything we implement does not have a negative impact on the local ecology.”

On Top of the World was one of the first communities to implement Florida Water StarSM.,which was designed to increase water efficiency in our landscapes, irrigation systems, and inside our homes. Hisey said homeowners typically see “about 20% additional savings compared to a traditional irrigation system.” On Top of the World isn’t required to be certified by this program but see the value in taking part in programs that will benefit our residents and the environment when making construction and development decisions.

Phillip Hisey has been at On Top of the World for over 15 years. His commitment to sustainable practices detail has led him to become a well-respected landscape planner in Florida and allowed him to elevate On Top of the World’s preserving efforts. Hisey has many accolades to his name, including the 2018 Florida Association of County Agriculture Agents Outstanding Agriculturist, Certified Green Industries Best Management Practices Instructor, and Certified Arborist, along with many others.

On Top of the World has also received the 2012 Environmental Stewardship Award and the 2015 Community of Excellence Award due to his work and dedication.

Thank you, Phillip Hisey, for all you do for our community!

To listen to Phillip’s interview, please visit and the podcast episode is “Better Lawns and Gardens 03-13-2021 Hour 2.”