Have You Heard of Our Water Star℠ Homes?

Do you know what Florida Water Star℠ is? FWS is a water conservation certification program for new and existing homes and commercial developments. Standards and guidelines for water efficiency are included for:

  • Indoor fixtures and appliances
  • Landscape design
  • Irrigation systems

On Top of the World Communities is the largest development that features FWS-certified homes in Florida. We have been building FWS-certified homes since 2010, helping reduce water and protect Florida’s water resources. Our FWS homeowners will spend approximately $530 less on utility bills compared to homeowners in other communities.

Our community has constructed 278 FWS-certified homes. Our end goal is to earn FWS-certification on all newly constructed homes until we reach full development, which could be up to 30 years. Within those years, more than 10,000 FWS-certified homes should be built. These homes will save residents millions of dollars and millions of gallons of water.

“Owners benefit by paying less money to utility providers while conserving an important natural resource,” says the President of OTOW, Kenneth Colen. “Water saving features inside the home is just common sense.”