Challenge Accepted: OTOW’s Stride and Seek

Good news or sad news first?

Let’s start with the sad.

With the unfortunate situation of COVID-19 going around, staying inside and away from people is strongly encouraged for the safety of yourself and others around you. While this has led to a cancelation of events and amenities being closed for a time, we understand just how boring that can be for our OTOW residents.

Here’s the good news:

For the next six weeks, OTOW is challenging you to be safe, outside and active all while having fun!

The Stride and Seek Challenge is meant to give OTOW residents a fun alternative to being stuck inside glued to the news. While practicing social distancing, you can take a solo trip or with your significant other and seek destinations to win prizes. Find these designated destinations and snap a picture and email to Cammy Dennis. From March 28th to May 9th, there will be three new Stride and Seek destinations announced every Saturday at

The first three destinations for the week of March 28th are:

  1. Any sign with the OTOW logo
  2. An American Flag
  3. A fountain

It doesn’t stop there! While each photo submission gives you one point, you will also have chances to gain extra points. You can one extra point for each of the following:

– Your significant other shown in the photo (while practicing social distancing, of course)

– You wearing an OTOW shirt or hat

– An animal is in the photo with you

– Your photo demonstrates or incorporates a positive affirmation

Getting 50 points or more in the six-week challenge will earn you a prize!

We hope to see everyone take advantage of this opportunity to safely get out of the house and stay active! Be sure to stay tuned on for announcements. Email your photo submissions with your full name to

Be safe and have fun!