National Dog Day 2021 is celebrated on August 26th this year. The holiday was first established in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle advocate, Colleen Paige, to promote awareness about adopting animals in rescue centers and recognize dog ownership of all breeds, pure and mix.

On Top of the World welcomes our four-legged friends with open arms and celebrates them like National Dog Day is every day! With over four dog parks on-site, trails, and wide-open spaces for your pup to run, the possibilities are endless for what residents can do with their dogs at On Top of the World.

In honor of National Dog Day, On Top of the World created a list of our favorite things to do with our dogs around OTOW:

1) Get your dog a Puppuccino at Sid’s Coffee Shop & Deli.

There are plenty of places where your pooch is welcome at On Top of the World, and Sid’s Coffee Shop & Deli caters to the dogs in our life as well, offering a “Puppuccino” on the menu. Grab a fresh deli sandwich for yourself, sit outside in the shade, and enjoy an outing with your pup! *Please remember dogs are not allowed inside Sid’s Coffee Shop & Deli.

2) Enjoy the Dog Parks.

On Top of the World conveniently has four dog parks on site. Each park is fenced in and allows space for your pup to run, play, and socialize with other dogs. The parks are equipped with water for the dogs, toys, and, most importantly, shaded seating for owners to escape the Florida heat.


3) Take a Golf Cart Ride with Your Pup.

Just like humans, dogs like to feel the wind in their fur as well! Our pets are our family, so bring them along with you! On Top of the World is golf cart accessible throughout the community, making it a convenient way of transportation. Golf carts are also a great way to instill obedience skills in your dog to stay seated and not bark at bystanders.


In On Top of the World, we have some amazing pets! We are starting a new video segment on our YouTube channel called “Pets of OTOW”, where we feature some of the unique, funny, and adorable pets that live here in OTOW. Visit to see how to submit your pet for a chance to be featured! Just fill out the handy form, tell us why your pet is so awesome, and then upload a few photos or videos that show of your pet.
Click here for more information and submittal guidelines!