Did you know February 8th is National Kite Flying Day? Sholom Park wants to celebrate accordingly, inviting all to the park on Monday, February 8th, 2021, from 9 to 11 am. Visit Sholom Park for a morning of camaraderie with other fellow kite flyers who enjoy the hobby all while taking in the beautiful sights and sounds the park has to offer. Appreciate the vast land Sholom Park provides, making it the ideal setting for premiere kite flying.
Before you get ready for the event, remember these few tips to ensure successful kite flying;
1- Judge the wind. If you are looking at a flagpole, the flag should be fully extended, flying straight out.
2- Pick the right location. Locations that are free of power lines and tall buildings are excellent. Power lines can bring unforeseen accidents, and buildings will block the wind that you will need.
3- Launch your kite with the help of another person. If wind conditions aren’t ideal, have another person help you with takeoff! One person will hold the kite with the wind to their back and have your helper raise the kite in the air and let the wind launch it.
Sholom Park is located on 44 acres in Marion County, Florida, and is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The park blossomed from an idea for people to find peace and was designed to thrive in the Central Florida climate. Operating 365 days a year with no admission fee, the park is becoming a cultural hub for Ocala residents, with various events hosted throughout the year emphasizing education and horticulture elements. Sholom Park depends solely on generous donations to fund the park’s preservation and events benefitting the community. To donate, visit the park kiosk under the pavilion or online at http://www.sholompark.org/contribute/.
*Sholom Park will not provide kites to guests, and the event is subject to change due to weather conditions. Please monitor the Sholom Park Facebook for event updates.