On Top of the World R/C Flyers

The fascinating hobby of Radio-Controlled Aircraft has never been easier or more fun!

OTOW RC Club Group Photo Photo by Jim Jernigan
OTOW RC Club Group Photo by Jim Jernigan

The OTOW R/C Flyers club has something unique that draws in many people with the shared hobby of flying radio-controlled aircraft – their own flying field! Don Wright, the OTOW R/C Flyers club president, explains that he and many other members of the club moved to On Top of the World (OTOW) due to the icing on the cake that was the flying field. As a member of the club, you have access to this field that has 50’ x 600’ of paved runway, a clear flyover area, a protected pavilion, and covered work areas. Don explained that many people have to drive far distances just to have access to a flying field, but the residents of OTOW only have to drive a few minutes, most use their golf carts. This can be especially significant for those who are busy and for days the weather changes quickly. Don expressed that “having a flying field in the community is just precious for people who have had a lifelong passion for flying model aircraft.”

Photo taken at the 2023 Fall Fly-In by Colen Built Marketing Department

This hobby attracts people from many different backgrounds due to its many and varying moving parts. Being a part of the R/C club doesn’t just mean flying airplanes, it also accounts for building, repairing, and testing the aircraft. Don Wright explains that flying the plane is just the “very small tip of the iceberg,” and that “a lot goes into a successful flying plane including electronics, aerodynamics, mechanics, engineering, etc.”

Photo by Jim Jernigan


Advances in technology have made introductions to this hobby a lot easier and less expensive. There are many planes you can buy now that are ready to fly straight out of the box. Technology has also allowed for advancements within how the planes are operated and how much can be done with them. There are many different types of aircraft that members fly including gliders, electric, gas-powered, jets, helicopters, and drones. New and prospective members are given the opportunity to train with teachers and use the club’s aircraft and equipment for an introductory flight. There is also instructed flight training offered using your own aircraft to help new flyers. This hobby, like many others, does have a learning curve and takes practice.
The OTOW R/C Flyers club has over 200 members and meets the first Monday of every month. Here they share coffee and donuts and discuss club topics such as activities, technology, safety, future events, ideas, etc. The club hosts two public events per year, the Fall Fly-In and Spring Fly-In, as well as a couple of smaller club events throughout the year.

Photo taken at the 2023 Fall Fly-In by Colen Built Marketing Department

On October 7, 2023, the OTOW R/C Flyers held their 21st Annual Fall Fly-In. Spectators came in from surrounding areas to attend this event. It was quite the spectacle. Members of the club as well as other flyers from different areas took turns showing off their planes and flying skills. The tricks and aeronautical aerobatics were truly impressive to see. Not to mention, the planes themselves were incredible, and some even had fun characteristics added. One had a stuffed chipmunk acting as the pilot in the cockpit of the R/C plane.

Photo taken at the 2023 Fall Fly-In by Colen Built Marketing Department

The planes, helicopters, and other flying devices were performing flips, flying upside down, demonstrating low passes over the runway, and anything you could think of. One plane even did a low pass upside down! The speed and agility of these planes gave the audience such a fun and exciting show!

For more information or questions about the OTOW R/C Flyers club, visit their website OTOWRCFlyers.com.