Benefits of living inland Florida at On Top of the World

Before You Go Coastal,

consider the benefits of living inland!

It’s nice to visit the coast…but do you really want to retire there? Here are some positive reasons to consider Ocala, Florida before making your move to the coast!

It's a lot safer

  • Ocala voted one of safest cities from hurricanes

  • No life threatening storm surge (Ocala is 104’ above sea level)

  • Avoid the full fury of hurricane force winds

Ocala is more affordable

  • No flood insurance needed

  • Lower homeowner insurance rates

  • No windstorm coverage required

  • Overall lower cost of living than coastal areas

It's a better way of life

  • Ocala is a less-transient and a more relaxed environment

  • Horse Capital of the world

  • Restaurants and shops are less busy

  • Close enough to all the attractions but away from all the traffic

All this, and the beach is still only a short drive away. (Less time than you are commuting to Atlantic beaches now!)

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