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Get to know Florida's premier 55+ active adult retirement community from the resident's who live there! Your future neighbor's answer your questions about life at On Top of the World and the Ocala area.

Questions will be answered as quickly as possible and posted to this page. If you have a question about purchasing, please contact via email at or phone at 866-228-5878.

Q. What beaches would you recommend and how far away are they? Are there any local lakes or rivers for boating and fishing?

A. To the Atlantic Ocean you are 90 miles to Ormond and Daytona Beaches. To the Gulf of Mexico you are 122 miles to Clearwater Beach in Tampa. There are a few small beaches in Crystal River about 45 miles away as well. 

There are over 15 areas where you can easily access boating and fishing here. From 30 to 90 minutes away. For example: Lake Weir, Rainbow River, Ocklawaha River, Crystal River, Lake Kerr and others.

– Laurie

Q. Are there shuttles to grocery stores?

A. Yes, there is an On Top of the World Bus that takes you to several places. You can view the community bus schedule hereThis will show you the pickup times,  places (neighborhoods) where the shuttles takes you to and picks you up from.

– Laurie

Q. Are grandchildren allowed to visit often or is visitation limited?

A. Yes, grandchildren are more than welcome but not for more than 30 days per visit.

– Laurie

Q. Are residents guests charged fees for use of the amenities? If so, how much per day and /or per week for use of what? Are any fees for each guest regardless of guest age and/or proximity to OTOW?

A. You are welcome to bring guests to the facilities. There will be a nominal fee levied for use of any of the facilities reserved for use by the residents. Once you or your guests have paid the appropriate fee, a temporary pass will be issued. As of May 2, 2017, fees range from $8.25 daily to $34 weekly for the recreation guest fee. Under 15 years of age are not permitted at any facility where there is a guest fee applied. 

– Nancy

Q. Do you have to pay for the lot where your home will be built?

A. There are standard lots available without extra premiums. Please contact a Sales Counselor for a complete list of available lots & pricing at 866-228-5878.

– Nancy

Q. What would you say is the biggest difference between On Top of the World and The Villages?

A. The biggest difference between On Top of the World and The Villages is size of population. OTOW has approx. 5000 homes vs. 120,000 homes.  This leads to congestion of traffic and people.

The overall number of people impacts amenities and services availability. 

Some examples, tee times at golf courses – OTOW has two resident courses that are “open play” – with no wait time.  The Villages requires tee times made weeks in advance.

Restaurant wait times, Health Care providers appointments, etc. 

– Nancy

Q. As a homeowner can you use amenities in other neighborhoods?

A. It depends on the area of On Top of the World you live in. Residents that live in the On top of the World Central and Meridian Preserve can utilize all of the amenities in their area.

Candler Hills residents can participate in all of the amenities that are in the On Top of the World Central, Meridian Preserve and Candler Hills.

Indigo residents have their own community center that is just for their neighborhood. If they would like to join the On Top of the World Central and Meridian Preserve amenities, they have an option to join with a Gateway of Services Pass for a yearly fee per household.

– Laurie

Q. What can you tell me about owner maintained homes?

A. With an owner maintained home, the homeowner is responsible for mowing the lawn, taking care of landscaping and any other outside maintenance such as painting, roof repair, etc… For complete details, please call a Sales Counselor at 352-854-3600.

– Laurie

Q. I was told that you teach courses at your community for seniors. I can't remember what the project is called. Can you tell me what it s called, what it is and how I would get more info?

A. The name of the program for continuous learning is Master the Possibilities.  The program crosses over many subjects – Arts & Humanities, Technology, Lifestyle & Fun, Science, Health & Wellness, etc. 

You can access the courses by either the website:  or via

Courses for Residents range from free to nominal depending on the class.

– Nancy

Q. Assuming I will not have a house payment, what additional costs will I incur on a monthly basis ? Electric, cable TV, water/sewer are expected. What are the monthly HOA fees, and any additional fees that I may not be aware of?

A. Community Service fees vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. There are a few factors which dictate community service fees however it is largely dependent upon whether a resident lives in a maintenance-free or owner maintained home. For specific fee information please call 866-228-5878.

– Laurie

Q. If I am interested in a Sunflower model of a home, is that only in Indigo section of On top of the World, or could that home be in another neighborhood of OTOTW?

A. This question would be best answered by a Sales Counselor, but I can say that we do offer a similar model, the Aragon, in our Windsor, Providence and Renaissance Park neighborhoods. Please contact a Sales Counselor for a complete answer at 866-228-5878.

– Laurie

Q. How late are the pools open until? Can you bring your own alcohol?

A. Pools open until dusk, so it varies depending on the time of year. Alcohol is not permitted at pools.

– Laurie

Q. Is it easy to get tee times on the golf courses?

A. Members can book tee times 7 days in advance and residents can book 4 days, at Candler Hills. Currently, there are no tee times on the two private courses. They are both first-come first-served.

– Laurie

Q. Is it easy for guests to get through the gate?

A. Yes, we have manned gates where you need to provide name and address of who your visiting and guard will record Their license plate number.

– Laurie

Q. Is there an option for gas appliances?

A. Natural gas is standard in all the homes.

– Laurie

Q. Is there food shopping, restaurants, etc…accessible by golf cart?

A. Absolutely! We have two grocery stores and three restaurants, banks, doctor’s offices all accessible by  golf cart.

– Laurie


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