Many Floridians are familiar with the term “snowbird,” a reference to our friends from the north who flock to Florida in the winter months to escape the harsh winter conditions and enjoy some fun in the sun. Snowbirds truly know the meaning of “We live where you vacation.”

Recent studies from economists at suggest that a new breed of migrant animals are flocking to Florida who are called “sunbirds.” Contrary to their cousin, the “snowbird,” “sunbirds” seek Florida for its beautiful weather most of the year and head back north during our peek sweltering months of June, July, and August.

The leading cause of this new breed, you ask? The pandemic.

The pandemic has altered all of our lives. Working from home and homeschooling the kids have become more commonplace. Throughout all the hurdles we have faced navigating COVID-19, it has offered homeowners flexibility in their life. Northerners who have established home bases do not have as much obligation to stay in one place with remote working and learning, and has created the sunbirds migratory approach to home ownership. also implies that when the sunbirds demographic seeks to buy a new residence in Florida, they have a little extra cash in their pockets– a savings from higher cost of living up north.

On Top of the World welcomes our new friends, the sunbirds. With several beautifully designed floorplans in ranging price points, design professionals to help you create the home of your dreams, and two neighborhoods offering maintenance-free options, (perfect for snowbirds, and sunbirds alike,) the decision to move has never been easier. Not to mention over 175 resident clubs and endless amenities, including pickleball courts, tennis courts, indoor & outdoor pools, an archery range, on-site restaurants, fitness centers, golf courses, and more.

Come on, sunbirds! We invite you to experience Florida living here at On Top of the World! Go to for more details and to plan your visit to OTOW.