Kelly Russ, Internet Concierge at On Top of the World Communities LLC, was born and raised in Central Florida where her family has resided for five generations. From early childhood Kelly grew up helping with her family’s orange grove maintenance business before heading off to attend college.

Upon graduation from college, Kelly landed a job with a national homebuilder, which started her nearly 20-year career in marketing and advertising new homes. Recently Kelly was presented with the challenge to become an internet concierge at On Top of the World after spending five years managing a marketing department for a private Florida developer. Kelly reflected that “this opportunity has opened my eyes beyond my previous experience to see how and what our customers go through when purchasing their new home. I’m honored to help them and proud to work for a company that believes each sale is not just another check mark but a new neighbor and wonderful addition to our community.” She looks forward to helping bring more neighbors to the community so they can start living the life they’ve worked so hard for because Kelly believes that “you aren’t retiring, you’re reinventing”!