When On Top of the World’s founder Sidney Colen created the company’s mission statement, he said, “This company has always stood for quality, value and moral obligation. Money has never been the motivation or the purpose of our existence”.  I have always wanted to be part of a strong, ethical company like this.

Prior to becoming a concierge, my career was in human resources where I found it rewarding to help others find the best fit in their employment. Now, I enjoy helping customers find their perfect community, home and lifestyle, and love sharing with customers how wonderful our community is to work for and live in.

Before moving to Florida a couple decades ago, I lived in Connecticut and was seeking a more moderate climate to enjoy the outdoors year-round with my family and friends. Having moved from a great distance has helped me better understand what one must go through to relocate to another part of the country.  Now, I look forward to helping you make this transition, and as Sidney Colen added to his mission statement and I have added to mine, “We affect the lives of people and we affect their lives for good.”